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In the dynamic hub of Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Hung Le, the esteemed CEO of TMS Consultancy, emerges as a transformative leader with a rich background spanning over 15 years across various sectors including government agencies, local businesses, multinational corporations, and investment firms. Drawing from this extensive experience, Mr. Le identified a significant gap in the collaboration between local and foreign enterprises, inspiring him to establish TMS Consultancy. With a team of seasoned professionals boasting diverse global perspectives, TMS Consultancy operates at the forefront of the consultancy industry, offering tailored solutions that foster synergistic partnerships and drive collective success. Guided by Mr. Le’s visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence, TMS Consultancy continues to redefine the paradigm of business consultancy in Vietnam and beyond, propelling businesses towards a future characterized by collaboration, prosperity, and shared achievements.

TMS Consultancy provides professional consulting services tailored to meet the diverse requirements of clients in the realm of investment and M&A. Our comprehensive range of services includes business and assets valuation, land use fee advisory, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, among others. With an experienced and professional team, we are dedicated to delivering valuable services that not only meet the highest levels of client expectations but also align with their budgetary requirements.

TMS Consultancy has formed a strategic partnership with Sanyu Appraisal Corporation, one of Japan’s top three leading appraisal companies. The collaboration reinforces our commitment to delivering excellence services and strengthen our position as a trusted industry player.

Our valuation service operates under the Certificate of Eligibility for Providing Valuation Services No. 355/TĐG issued by the Ministry of Finance.


Our Vision

TMS Consultancy is dedicated to catalyzing Vietnam's growth and prosperity by providing premier consultancy services that envision thriving businesses, prosperous communities, and flourishing innovation. As a leading firm, we aim to establish the benchmark for excellence in our field, utilizing our expertise, strategic alliances, and innovative solutions to drive transformative change. By prioritizing value delivery, surpassing expectations, and upholding principles of integrity, professionalism, and social responsibility, we envision TMS Consultancy as the trusted advisor of choice, synonymous with success, sustainability, and enduring positive impact, shaping a brighter tomorrow for future generations

Our Missions

At TMS Consultancy, our mission is to empower businesses and individuals in Vietnam through top-tier consultancy services, fostering success and sustainable growth. With a foundation of integrity, expertise, and innovation, we aim to become the preferred partner for our clients, surpassing expectations with customized solutions. Grounded in a commitment to excellence and social responsibility, we strive to positively impact our communities while nurturing a culture of ongoing learning and professional development within our organization, ultimately shaping brighter futures through our consultancy endeavors.

Our Core Values

Our Professionals, Your Success


Our Team

TMS Consultancy team has experts related to every area of business consultancy and that enables us to provides complete range of services for any size of project.

Hung Le

General Director

Mr. Hung is founder and CEO of TMS Consultancy. Prior to becoming CEO, Mr. Hung served as director and head of valuation department at both international and local companies. He has over 15 years of experience in valuation consulting, covering real estate, businesses, and intangible assets. He has also played a key role in making M&A and capital raising deals successful, leveraging his in-depth understanding of local markets and extensive connection with government agencies, banks, investors, and developers both locally and internationally. Mr. Hung holds a Master degree in Valuation from the University of Economic Ho Chi Minh City and is a certified price appraiser approved by the Ministry of Finance.    

Hieu Do

Head of Investment Advisory

Mr. Hieu is rolling as Head of Investment Services of TMS Consultancy. He has over 15 years of experience in the areas, including Valuation and Investment Development in Real Estate. Before joining TMS Consultancy, Hieu worked for different local and multinational real estate developers. With knowledge in depth, he has contributed in various projects such as commercial and residential developments. M&A in real estate is his key success. He holds BSc and MBA degree which are all certified by the United Kingdoms.

Nhung Nguyen

Valuation Director

Ms. Nhung has solid experience in Finance and Valuation. The combination of theoritical knowledge and practical expertise has enable her to successfully carry out many complex brand and bussiness valuation engagements. Drawing from her experience in auditing at KPMG and consultancy roles in many organizations, Ms. Nhung has also been an integral part of M&A relating to solar power and real estate projects. Ms. Nhung holds a PhD in Finance from ESCP University in France and a master's degree in finance and investment from the University of Nottingham. Ms. Nhung's expertise also extends to intellectual property management and certified by the Department of Science and Technology of HCMC.

Trang Pham

Valuation Manager

Trang has about 14 years of experience in valuation and two years of experience in market research for the Equipment, Residential, and Commercial markets in Vietnam, focusing more on HCMC and the western and eastern provinces. Moreover, I often research prices and review prices from reports and certificates of valuation and product specifications. I also clarified with vendors about the prices of items, equipment, and land. I have experienced valuing various key projects in HCMC, Binh Thuan, and Tien Giang provinces for land use fee purposes and mortgages and demonstrate financial purposes. I was taking a leading role in performing valuation for immigration and mortgage purpose. My customers include big commercial banks and Immigration agencies in Vietnam.

Gennie Pham


Boasting over 12 years of unwavering commitment to Market Research in the expansive realm of real estate, she commands a versatile portfolio spanning Residential, Office, Office-tel, Condo-tel, Hotel, Resort, Commercial, and Industrial segments in Vietnam. Her expertise transcends research, evident through her pivotal roles as Sales and Marketing Manager in renowned real estate ventures. Her profound grasp of market dynamics covers Residential, Serviced Apartments, Office, Retail, Hotel-Resorts, and Industrial Parks, further extending to project valuation and feasibility reporting. This adeptness culminates in invaluable insights for market research and project planning. Her imprint graces distinguished projects including Xi Riverview, Dai Phuoc Lotus, Sunrise City, Thao Dien Pearl, Riviera Point, Tricon Tower, The Bayview Towers, Huu Lien Complex, Sung Chang Project, An Phu Hung Town, and a Serviced Apartment Development.

Huong Huynh

Business Development Manager

Ms. Huong has over 5 years of experience in accounting and finance in multinational corporations in both the United States and Vietnam. Ms. Huong has also played a crucial role in successful M&A and capital raising deals in real estate and business. Her in-depth understanding of the international and local markets, as well as her legal expertise, exceptional negotiation skills and project management abilities have been instrumental in her success. Ms. Huong holds a Master degree in Finance from the IESEG School of Management in France and a MBA degree from CFVG European Excellence in Management Education in Vietnam.