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Optimize your business and choose a single valuation contractor for all purposes and all types. We prepare valuations for all purposes and in accordance with the International Valuation Standards (IVS) and the standards of the Vietnam Valuation Standard (VVS).

TMS experts have been active in valuation for more than 15 years. TMS employs a combination of diverse backgrounds and experience in determining the value of a whole business or company unit, in addition to which we provide valuations of brands, software codes, and other intangible assets as well as real estate, machinery, and equipment appraisals.

Valuation | Real Estate

Our Clients engaged TMS Consultancy to carry our Valuation assignments for various specialized purposes:

  • Current Market Value
  • Mortgage Valuation
  • Financial Obligation
  • Acquisition & Disposal
  • Capital Contribution
  • Liquidation
  • Bank Guarantee
  • Immigration
  • Land use right assignment charge
  • Compensation
  • Auction
  • Investment License
  • Master Planning Approval
  • Property Price Index for Government Agencies
  • Equitization
  • Court Order Valuation

Valuation | Machinery

Our valuation experts provide equipment valuation services across a wide range of industries. Our associates have expertise in machinery, equipment and technical specialties including:

  • Heavy and Construction Equipment
  • Metalworking Equipment​​​​​​
  • Restaurants & Catering Equipment
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Equipment
  • Audio & Entertainment Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Woodworking Equipment
  • Food Processing Equipment

Valuation | Business, Intangible assets

Serve for purposes:

  • Equitization for SOEs
  • Valuation Advisory for Government Administrative Offices
  • Company valuation
  • Capital Contribution
  • Equity Transfer
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